June 17, 18 & 19, 2016

Axis Mundi Solstice kicks off a new season of summer outdoor adventure for 2016. It will also invoke the spirit and joviality of an old-world renaissance style festival throughout Revelstoke as locals and attendees join in the merriment, dressed in period costume. Featuring a new interactive and engaging cultural theme each year, 2016 activities will include:

  • A downtown fringe festival and street mall featuring local, national and international artists, music workshops and jams, family events, and a Farmer’s Market and seasonal food fair
  • Themed and costumed children’s events
  • Adventure activities such as climbing, rafting, cycling and paddling, both self-guided and through professionally licensed adventure companies
  • Film and adventure photography including a time lapse photo alley
  • Costume and accessory workshops featuring an annual theme such as Viking or perhaps medieval
  • Themed side events such as bicycle jousting, a period regatta, steam punk bicycle art, street theatre and improv
  • Lectures, films and adventure photography showcase
  • Main stage concerts at Revelstoke Mountain Resort