Axis Mundi

Axis Mundi won’t be continuing for 2016. Our September event was victim to some pretty foul weather, which had a significant impact on the bottom line. We have been seeking additional funding to move forward, but it has become apparent we won’t be able to meet our needs. We would like to take a moment to thank all the people, businesses and organizations that assisted with Axis Mundi Harvest. Revelstoke Arts Council, The City of Revelstoke, Revelstoke Accommodation Association, Chamber of Commerce and Tourism, Revelstoke Mountain Resort, Revelstoke Multi-Cultural Society, Revelstoke Farmer’s Market, Bear Aware, Revelstoke Food Initiative, participating music venues, Axis Mundi volunteers, sponsors, proponents, artists and vendors. We are indebted to you all. * I hope we haven't missed anyone. If we have, we are sorry.


Axis Mundi Music and the City of Revelstoke will present two annual experiential festivals for people of all ages and levels of experience

The inaugural Axis Mundi Harvest will take place in September, 2015 followed by Axis Mundi Solstice in June, 2016. Each full weekend of events will offer attendees the opportunity to expand their interests and knowledge through the exploration of music, adventure sport and the environment, all programmed with a strong sense of community interaction.


The Axis Mundi Festivals will attract a broad audience of music fans and adventure sport enthusiasts

This audience will come from BC, Alberta and the northwestern United States as well as from targeted European markets. Environmentalism is a strong component in the lives of the majority of Axis Mundi’s target audience and will also be a theme within the programming of each discipline.


Set in one of the world’s most renowned natural playgrounds, Revelstoke, BC, Axis Mundi is an exhilarating and diverse offering of events

Attendees can program their weekend to include several events or focus on a specific discipline. Outdoor physical challenges, adventure sport workshops, films and lectures, community initiatives and a music and arts festival are all part of the Axis Mundi experience. Our goal is to create a destination event by combining the spectacular beauty of the region with the experiential opportunities that abound there.